AFC Urgent Care is committed to providing our patients with fast and accurate medical testing. We perform a variety of tests so you can receive a thorough and accurate examination of your medical condition and detect any underlying health issues early on.

We perform the following lab tests and more:

  • CBCs (for anemia and some infections)
  • Cultures (for strep throat and flu diagnoses)
  • Urinalysis (for pregnancy, drug use, and other infections)
  • Body chemistry testing (for dehydration, electrolyte abnormalities and liver function)

For more information about the full range of lab testing services available at AFC Urgent Care, call us at 281-320-2338 or visit us at 10850 Louetta Road #1500 in Houston, TX during our regular business hours: Mon-Fri from 8am-8pm and weekends from 8am-5pm.